Redwood Global named one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies in 2013 by Profit Magazine

Redwood Global Inc. was just named one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies in 2013 by PROFIT Magazine. Ranking 47th place on the list of the top 500 companies, (more…)

Redwood Global Opens New Office in Ottawa


March 1st, 2013


Toronto - Redwood Global Inc., Canada’s fastest growing technology and finance staffing agency, has opened a new office in Ottawa to better service its growing client base in the region.

“We are very excited to be launching an office in Ottawa given our deep expertise servicing many of Canada’s largest public and privately held institutions,” said Ryan Atkinson, Managing Director at Redwood Global. (more…)

PROFIT 200: Good Will Hunters

You’d expect PROFIT’s annual ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies to include clusters of new-economy hotshots such as software developers, technology consultants and social media gurus. What you might not expect to find, year after year, are several personnel agencies and search firms…
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Profit 50 Ranking: Redwood Global Inc.

The Ontario government recently added Redwood Global to its vendor-of-record list, allowing the firm to vie for contracts to provide IT staff to the province…
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Microsoft Case Study

For Canada’s fastest-growing IT and financial services staffing firm, turning to the cloud was a natural step forward. Based in Toronto with resources dispersed across North America, Redwood Global looked no further than Microsoft Office 365 in its quest to maintain an impeccable service record while cost-effectively expanding operations.
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Planning for the Future: Aligning Technology and Business Growth

Many of our clients have seen significant, positive changes in their business since implementing the MaxHire recruiting software. We’ve seen many grow and prosper. And it only makes sense that as a business grows and evolves, the technology used by that business is reviewed, evaluated and optimized along the way.…
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Microsoft introduces Office As-A-Service

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer admitted that Office 15 needed to be modern and embrace the cloud and social media. With that pronouncement, he introduced Office-as-a-service; specifically a cloud service incorporating SkyDrive and Skype…
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Cloud powers innovation, spurs sky high job growth in Canada and across the globe

Cloud technology is expected to create millions of new jobs around the world and will be an important force in inspiring the business innovation needed to restore global economic health, according to a new IDC study released today. The study, commissioned by Microsoft, found that by the end of 2015, nearly 14 million new jobs will be created worldwide, and just over 70,000 across Canada…
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